Crazy LA Adventure for Harry Styles Pt 1.

The plan…

Hello all,

It’s the night before Harry Styles Live on Tour in LA at the Greek Theatre. I have done my homework- scoped out the venue, decided on an outfit, purchase my train/concert ticket and printed a map of LA. It seems like I have my ducks in a row. Below is where I figure my seat might be (Seat L-17 section B).


Some background: I am an out-of-state college student with no car. I don’t know anyone else going to the concert. I posted flyers (see below) to my social media accounts and around campus a week ago to hopefully get a ride to and from the venue. Unfortunately, the only responder lives nowhere near my school (thanks anyways @jessicasierra4l !).


The plan for tomorrow:Β 

  1. Skip chemistry class to catch the 11am Amtrak
  2. Relax for the ride to Union Station in LA
  3. Walk around 2.5 hours (6.2+ miles) to Griffith Park
  4. Explore the area during the walk (possibly go through China Town?)
  5. Spend time at the park and visit Griffith Observatory
  6. Find cheap dinner nearby
  7. Get in line early at the Greek Theatre
  9. Walk away from the heavy traffic leaving the concert
  10. Call an Uber of Lyft home

It is a very loose plan- I realize that! I have included plenty of extra time incase something goes wrong (perhaps I will get lost or the train will be delayed). But fingers crossed that everything goes right! I would never make this type of trip on my own- my mother would kill me for walking through LA by myself, but Harry Styles is definitely worth it. And if things get sketchy I can always call a cab.

Wish me luck!



Author: Hannah Whittaker

Hannah is a freshman at Cal Lutheran University double majoring in biology and communications with a minor in women's studies. She writes for her campus's chapter of Her Campus online magazine and hopes to use the experience along with blogging to gain writing skills useful for future professions. Hannah is an avid reader who enjoys modeling for local designers. Follow her on social media!

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