Crazy LA Adventure for Harry Styles Pt. 2

If you read part one of this post you will know that I saw Harry Styles on Sept. 20th at the Greek Theatre. The plan was very loose and not the best to be honest. Here’s how the day went down:

Chemistry was skipped and my suite mate dropped me off at the nearest train station. I was in LA by noon and recognized I had a while before needing to be at the theatre. Across the street from union station I found the Museum of Social Justice and decided to take a few minutes to walk through. HUGO CROSTHWAITE: IN MEMORIAM LOS ANGELES was the sole exhibit. It was interesting to watch Crosthwaite as he painted the mural across the museum walls. Another visitor spoke with him about the meaning behind the art.

Next, I planned to walk the 6+ miles to Griffith park… I made it about 100 ft! The Apple Maps directions took me from a cultural celebration at Paseo de la Plaza to sketchy alleyways very quickly. I decided to get a Lyft rather than make the walk. Once to Griffith Park I considered visiting the observatory but upon hearing a sound check I decided to meet other Harry fans and be first in line instead.

From 1:00-6:30 I waited in line with my new friends Ryan and Amy. We set up by the merch stand and were able to buy all our Harry gear before it got busy. If you’re familiar with his merchandise I bought the pink sweater, tour shirt, Treat People with Kindness shirt, and journal. My bank account cried a little bit after the splurge… totally worth it though. Around 3pm Lou Teasdale (1D and Harry’s hair stylist) stood beside us before being let into the venue.

Hour by hour the line grew until I could no longer see the end from where I stood. It was so fun seeing how each girl dressed for the show. My personal favorite look was a see-through black mesh shirt with large sequin kiwi (get it? Like his song?) pasties underneath.

Finally 6:30 arrived and we were able to go through the gates. It was a bit difficult being so far away from the stage (I’ve grown somewhat accustomed to mosh pits at the lip of the stage) but the position was definitely not bad. The three girls to my left were also at the show alone and we enjoyed getting to know each other better. I learned Kate went on tour with LMFAO as their creative director (designing their clothes and merchandise line), Elaine is an actress in the midst of moving to LA, and Stephanie is a pre-med freshman like myself. During the show I consistently turned to Leah on my right (there with her mom as a birthday present) and we would just smile harder than we had ever smiled before.

If you have ever had the opportunity to see Harry live then you know just how sweet, funny, and crazy Harry gets. He will be a giggling cupcake one moment and a sex god the next. It’s enough to give a girl emotional whiplash! Some of my favorite moments were

  • Finding out the members of MUNA are good friends and wrote “Winter Break” in a dorm room.
  • Harry asking people to watch him and not the view. Because he will be sad if you don’t watch him.
  • Harry telling the audience he’s having their baby.
  • Harry stoping the band in the middle of Kiwi and requesting the audience dance more.
  • Harry calling us fans his best friends.
  • Harry pointing out the awesome Dad at the front of the mosh pit.
  • The new arrangement of What Makes You Beautiful.
  • Harry waving around the rainbow flag with so much pride and confidence.
  • Harry calling his 1D bandmates his good friends.
  • Dark Harry slipping out as he aggressively soaked the mosh pit with his water bottle. Also how far he was able to throw the empty bottle afterwards.
  • The mic stand repeatedly failing to hold up the mic even after a crew member tried fixing it.
  • Harry honestly explaining he simply didn’t have any more songs to perform even if he wanted to.
  • Finding out Niall was watching the performance in the sound booth.

After the show I found the tour bus and waited with some other fans until we were eventually kicked out by the park officers since Griffith Park had technically closed for the night. Overall, Sept. 20th 2017 was everything I could have hoped for. Harry was the same sweetheart I remember seeing at the 1D concerts- just with nicer suits!

Author: Hannah Whittaker

Hannah is a freshman at Cal Lutheran University double majoring in biology and communications with a minor in women's studies. She writes for her campus's chapter of Her Campus online magazine and hopes to use the experience along with blogging to gain writing skills useful for future professions. Hannah is an avid reader who enjoys modeling for local designers. Follow her on social media!

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